Purple Kush


  Purple Kush is a pure indica dioecious strain that produced by the crossing of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. The strain is also named for its vibrant violet color, which is due to acidity levels, its anthocyanin (pigment) content and/or cooler temperatures where the plant is typically raised. Purple Kush will grow wide rather than tall, and will be ready for harvest following an 8-week flowering time (indoor). Purple Kush will develop her signature purple colors and vibrant violet during the bloom period.





cultivar Purple Kush
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development stage missing
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Technology: PacBio

Genome coverage: 79x


GenBank assembly accession: GCA_000230575.5 (latest)

Method: FALCON 0.4.0

Level: Chromosome

Total sequence length: 891,964,663

Total ungapped length: 891,346,363

Gaps between scaffolds: 6,183

Number of scaffolds: 12,836

Scaffold N50: 133,904

Scaffold L50: 1,924

Number of contigs: 12,836

Contig N50: 133,904

Contig L50: 1,924

Total number of chromosomes and plasmids : 10

Number of component sequences (WGS or clone): 12,836


Genome size: 0.89Gb

Repeat: 64.63%

Anchoring rate: 72%

BUSCO: 93.9%

Gene Prediction

47954 protein-coding gene


NR: 79.74%

Uniprot: 94.38%

GO: 66.00%

Pfam: 71.51%

KEGG: 51.82%

Total: 97.93%



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