Sample information ofCannabisvarieties in CannabisGDB
CultivarSymbolSexGenome sizeRepeatNo. of genesAnchoring rate (%)Completeness (%)Study
Jamaican Lion DASHCsJLDFemale1.07G66.76%61143--99.3McKernan et al., 2018
FinolaCsFNMale1.01G66.63%500927894.2Laverty et al., 2018
Purple KushCsPKFemale0.89G64.63%479547293.9Laverty et al., 2018
CBDRx-18CsCBDFemale0.88G66.16%333719795.8Grassa et al., 2018
Pineapple Banana Bubba KushCsPBKMale512Mb65.47%26501--57.2
LA ConfidentialCsLACFemale595Mb65.83%24494--69.7
McKernan, K., Helbert, Y., Kane, L.T., Ebling, H., Zhang, L., Liu, B., et al. (2018) Cryptocurrencies and Zero Mode Wave guides: An unclouded path to a more contiguous Cannabis sativa L. genome assemblyOSF
Laverty, K.U., Stout, J.M., Sullivan, M.J., Shah, H., Gill, N., Holbrook, L., et al. (2018) A physical and genetic map of Cannabis sativa identifies extensive rearrangement at the THC/CBD acid synthase locus. Genome Res., gr.242594.118.PubMed
Grassa, C.J., Wenger, J.P., Dabney, C., Poplawski, S.G., Motley, S.T., Michael, T.P., et al. (2018) A complete Cannabis chromosome assembly and adaptive admixture for elevated cannabidiol (CBD) content. bioRxiv, 458083.bioRxiv

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